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We carry top brand quality products, such as Rishi Tea & Botanicals. Rishi offers premium tea and botanicals imported directly from gardens across the world.
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Listed below are just a few of the many Rishi products that we offer.
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Sparkling Botanicals

Blue Tea Jasmine

Blue Tea Jasmine

Item #6907

Sparkling Botanicals Green Tea Tonic

Green Tea Tonic

Item #6906
12 count

Sparkling Botanicals Bergamot Oolong

Bergamot Oolong

Item #6905
12 count

Black Lemon

Item #6900
12 count

Rishi Sparkling Botanicals Dandelion Ginger

Dandelion Ginger

Item #6901
12 count

Grapefruit Quince

Item #6902
12 count

Elderberry Maqui

Item #6903
12 count

Schisandra Berry

Item #6904
12 count



Item #5926
1 LB

Raspberry Green

Item #5924
1 LB

Earl Grey

Item #5921
1 LB


Rishi Masala Chai


Item #42100
12/32 OZ


Item #42102
32 OZ

Turmeric Ginger

Item #42101
12/32 OZ

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